archetypes · physical exaggeration · mask work ·play  ·awareness

Commedia dell’ arte is one of the most expressive and artistic styles of the oldest surviving Western theatrical forms and thankfully is alive and well today! 'Arte' signifies a trade, a craft, a specialization and the modern concept of acting a skilled profession, thus the Craft of Theatre.


By using the techniques of Antonio Fava as taught at his Scuola Internazionale, we invite you and your students to find the value of this traditional art form and presentational style of theatre. The workshops incorporate a lot of physical exaggeration, strength and focus on encouraging students to become aware of their bodies in the space. Through these high physical workshops we help students gain the most understanding of the basic principals of the commedia dell'arte, such as the Fixed Archetypes, Mask, Improvisation and the concept of Lazzi.


We would like to encourage you to consider our intensive workshops (5-6hrs) to cover all of the archetypes in detail, the context, the principals of comedy, narratives structures (canovaccio), lazzi, working with masks and of course actor-spectator relationships. We aim to inspire movement, play and devising skills with your students. 


In order for our ITM team to deliver the most content for your students, we are HAVE AMENDED PRICING FOR 2019. Please download the pdf below.

We also provide a service for Full Day Intensive Incursions and multiple sessions within one day, as well as tailored workshops to suit the needs of your students or the future assessment tasks.

Teaching resources and aids can be provided upon request.