2017 Alice @ Wonderland (Melville Mondays and Thursdays groups)

2017 Alice @ Wonderland (Melville Mondays and Thursdays groups)

*Please note that our yearly program can vary according to each year of events and varies according to individual needs and classes

Term ONE: Skills for the stage:

The students will learn

  • Team Building skills to prepare them for working with others in preparation for a performance.

  • Group and Pair Improvisation games and activities to build social skills and confidence.

  • Audience Awareness and understanding performance skills

  • Drama “games and activities” that involve characterisation, listening, observing, communicating through voice and movement

  • We will begin the process of devising with themes and play building to prepare for script work and performance in Term 2

Term TWO: Applying skills for the stage and performance

This term includes applying skills to A Shakespeare Script and Performance for an End of Term Performance. *Please note that signing up for this term requires full term commitment

  • Understanding character and character relationships

  • Styles of Theatre Performance

  • Script Work *

  • Creating and enhancing scenes through expressive voice and movement.

  • Rehearsing and Preparing for a performance at Memorial Hall during the Dates: 1st - 7th July 2019

Term THREE: Preparing for an end of year Performance

Please note: If your child chooses to enrol in Term 3 it is critical for your child to continue in Term 4 and commit to the End of Year Production.(which includes performances on Saturdays and Sundays)

  • Enhancing scenes through physical exaggeration and movement

  • Vocal techniques and rehearsal processes and skills for the impending production

  • Observing others, learning about cues and enhancing text

Term Four: end of year Performance

This term has a heavy focus on

  • Rehearsals with the director and peers during class

  • Learning and practicing their parts in the play at home and in every lesson throughout the term.

  • Dress/ Tech Rehearsals with extra hours

  • Performance and taking on responsibility as a performer which includes designing costume and preparing props

  • It is an incredibly busy term full of excitement and we appreciate all the support our parents can give during this time!

  • Production Dates 2019 are: November 18th - 9th December

We accept new students at any time of the year but best to get in touch with us to find out more information!

Our 2015 Production Photos, by Allison Read Photography