Movember 2015: Smashed our target!

Mo the facts:

1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 75.

On average 9 Australian men will die from prostate cancer every day.

Around 120,000 Australian men are living with prostate cancer, and is predicted to increase to 267,000 by 2017.

Oh My Gosh!!! It’s all over. We have raised an amazing $1240 for Movember. This money will go a long way it providing health and education services for men with prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health concerns. Thank you everyone that supported this campaign. It’s absolutely amazing that we smashed what was a very ambitious target, but we are sad for it to end, it has been so much fun, and very rewarding to see how much support our community have given us, and this wonderful cause. Thank you all so much. In fact, here are the thank you puns we promised.

Jane Parker, More like Parkour the way she ran and jumped at the opportunity to support such a wonderful cause. Thank you.

Amy Weston, she was not Weston on her laurels when it cam to this charity. Cheers Amy.

Tamie Dunstan, she saw Australia’s bad health stats and she said “Dun’ stan’ for this Australia” before she gave to the cause. Thanks Tamie.

Artie Bienkowski, when we saw this we said “très bien” because we thought it would be more Artie to show our gratitude in a foreign language.

Salv Russotti, his donation might just be the Salvation we need. Thanks you sir.

Sharada Angage, Singhalese names are hard to create puns with, but we will be singing his praises for a while, Thanks Sharada.

The very last of our Movember thank you puns. these are bad, I mean really bad, especially Matt's, but here goes nothing. Thanks everyone who help us smash our target. $1240 raised all thanks to these guys.

Esther Polglase, Esther another way we can say thank you, apart from this pun, I doubt it.

Jade Robinson, she must have been Robin some one to give us this money. Thanks Jade.

Mathew Gazia, Matt, phew, he came through with a donation in the last minute. Thanks buddy.

Alex Roberts, to rob hurts the soul, but to give, pleases the soul. Thanks Alex.

Anne Rouse, We managed to Rouse her into donating, thanks for the support.

Nicole Pearce, she Pearce’d our hearts with a love arrow when she donated. Thank you very much Nicole.

Denise Goodier, When we donate to charity we feel good all over, from de head, to de shoulders, to Denise and de toes. Thank you Denise.

Danielle Parker, so I said Parker, I’d rather thank her… oh that’s lame.

Matt Dreyer, So I said Dreyer, I’d rather thank her… yep, even worse the second time… Especially because Matt is clearly I guys name. Sorry Matt, and thank you for the generosity.

Shane McMullan… it’s a shame McMullan couldn’t donate more, but thanks for growing a Mo and inspiring others to give.