TEACHERS! We are so pleased to announce the birth of our stunning resources that will not only aid your commedia programs but enhance the experience for your students!

Our wonderfully talented Shane McMullan has designed, crafted and hand worked leather to produce stunning commedia masks that you will cherish forever as a teacher! He sources the leather right in Western Australia and using only the best quality craftsmanship to produce durable and comfortable masks. He has up to 8 different characters that you can chose from with a variety of colours. With skills learnt from the master himself, Antonio Fava, we have never been closer to the real thing so far from Europe!

Tight budget? We hear you. We have created two varieties, with one being much more affordable! We are taking orders now with a 6-8 week turn around for shipping or delivery within Australia and 10-12 weeks for international orders!

Every classroom needs POSTERS and information on their walls that the students can refer to when you are teaching. We have created 7 informative commedia posters for you which not only highlight the character personality, movement and mask, but, it highlights the connection to Laban's Theory of Movement. Check out our store to take a closer look!

Our Slapticks or as they are named in Italian, Batoccio are designed from the original slapsticks created by Antonio Fava in Italy. We have a series of uses for these objects so stay tuned for a short clip on our Facebook page!

We are super excited about these resources and if you are looking for a program to go along with it- we have one right here!