THE DRAMA CLUB: Busting the myth about "games" in drama classes

We know that when we pick up our children from school or music or dance or drama classes, parents ask "so tell me what you did today?" The responses can be as dreaded as "nothing" or something simple like "we learned more of our dance" or an observation such as "someone cried in the class" or many other responses that simply leave us confused.

The one thing you do hear from drama students at pick up is "we played games" Too right you did! However, when this is the response after every week, some parents think that this is a bad thing. I can almost hear the internal conversation "I can't believe I am paying for an hour of games every week!" *insert fury here*

But, it's not what you think!

Parents, rest assured these "games" they speak of every week are full of all the things you expect to find in a game, only they are hidden deep within the laughter, and smiles and the communication that happening with other like-minded children.

It is kind of like, when you make dinner for your children and you have hidden a million vegetables in your dish and on the surface it just looks like plain bolognese sauce!

It's exactly that!

And they eat it, and you as a mum or dad feel very pleased with yourself because now at each meal time you have successfully hidden all the things that you know will build their growing little bodies! High Fives!

Each game in drama is selected to do those things too, but instead of peas and broccoli, we have inserted body awareness, eye contact, listening and speaking skills. Each specific game has it's own underlying skills hidden within it and the teacher is observing how each child responds, and thus is able to asses each ability and move onto a harder or more challenging game- likened to a more challenging vegetable such as brussel sprouts and zucchini!

We hope the next time your child comes home from dance, music or drama that you can rest assured in the knowledge that the games they play are helping them build their minds and bodies- to prepare them for the big beautiful world!