Audition Tips for all students undertaking this process next Term at The Drama Club!

So here are 5 things to think about if your child is feeling uncertain or doesn’t quite know how to channel those nerves!

1.     Give it your best shot! If that means reading off the script, then that’s absolutely fine! Apply the skills you have learnt so far to the best of your ability. What matters, is that you’ve given it your all!

2.     Be proud of it! Getting up and performing is a huge achievement and you should be proud of whatever you do on the day, because you made a huge leap already by standing up and learning something off by heart! Amazing!

3.     Be proud of others. In the theatre we work as a team towards an end of year production and we support one another all the time. Don’t compare yourself to other kids, instead, embrace their talents and be encouraging and kind! You never know what that encouragement can do for someone!

4.     Breathe. Often we forget to breathe and rush the whole part. Slow down with all the lines, that’s important that you say the words with emotion and pauses not all in one huge sentence.

5.     Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the part you wanted. This is a tough one to stomach, but what it really means is not to worry if you don’t get the “big” part you wanted, make the most of the role that you do get! There are plenty of roles and the audience will remember your performance no matter how small that part is, as long as you give it your best!xx