ALIVE and WELL: The Process of Reviving a Dead Art: Commedia Dell'arte

Welcome to the very first entry of Intothemask Theatre’s process blog. We look forward to posting each and every week, sharing our journey and our craft with our long standing fans, and any newcomers who join us along the way.

For those who are new, let us start by introducing ourselves, IntotheMask Theatre are (as the name suggests) masked theatre specialists, with a passion for commedia dell’arte. It may be considered a dead art form (hence the title of this blog), but our love is so great that we are the proverbial life support machine, keeping the pulse pumping and the laughter coming. As the blog moves forward we will share our back-story, and give you some member bio’s here or there, so don’t worry if that felt a too vague, think of it as a teaser trailer for the undeniable epic this blog will become… (wishful thinking hahaha).


We should introduce the Perth FRINGEWORLD Festival for our fans outside of Australia…


Hey don’t pull that face, we have fans outside of Australia, as I was saying, for our fans outside of Australia we should explain the advent of the Perth FRINGEWORLD Festival. Let’s get in the ‘Time and Space Machine’ (we decided to trademark it because it was such a creative name) and go way, WAY, WAAAAAAAAY back to 2011. A small group of Art Rage personnel decided to curate a fun and fresh event, with a few funky shows and see if they could drum up some interest in the independent art scene. Because it was on at the same time at the Perth International Art Festival they called it a 'Fringe' festival (like many others around the world had done before them). Well it was quite popular, and in 2012 they had a few hundred artists asking to get involved, WOW! (Not world of Warcraft, the other wow, they one that expresses excitement). Oh yeah, we were one of those groups that jumped on the band wagon in 2012, I wish I could say that we were on the ground floor, but alas, we were not. Fast forward a couple of years to 2014 and the Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival had become the 4th largest Fringe festival in the world, Edinburgh is 1st, Adelaide 2nd, Brighton 3rd, and then little old Perth, out of nowhere , BOOM! 4th. FOURTH!!! How wonderful are the people of our city, to support the arts as strongly as they do. It is truly a blessing that we will never take for granted. *End time travel*

Now its mid 2015 and the artists around Perth are all abuzz, as we prepare for the 2016 FRINGE WORLD Festival, hoping to create the next big thing, hoping that one of our audience members will be a reviewer with a smile, a producer from out of town, or at least a new fan who will join our mailing list, or follow our social media pages. (Which of course you can do right now, by clicking >>> here <<< for Facebook, or >>> here <<< for Instagram. Yeah, you know you want to!!!

So we look forward to you joining us each and every week on our journey as we bring back the highly physical, and hi-larious art for of the Commedia dell'Arte and create something special for you, and Perth, and the people of the world (because world domination has always been the goal mwahahahahaha).


Hmmm… perhaps we have said to much, it’s probably best to ignore that part about world domination.

Let’s wrap up our very first blog with a few simple questions. What has been your experience with the Perth FRINGEWORLD Festival so far? Did you manage to see anything in the inaugural season in 2011? If so, wanna tell us about it?