Term 3&4 at The Drama Club!


In the last 5 weeks the new tutors have taken the time to get to know the students' skills and abilities by taking them through a range of fun and dynamic activities involving improvisation, and storytelling through movement and voice.  The kids have explored the character and brought them to life by engaging in the techniques and principles behind Greek Theatre and Greek Chorus. Such techniques are speaking a piece of text with emphasis, pace, projection and emotion to engage the audience, and they are having loads of fun with it. 

The Odyssey is a Poem by Homer, and tells of a great Greek commander called Odysseus who is making the journey home to Ithaca after fighting in the Trojan War. The journey takes him 10 years to get home because he has upset the God of the Sea, Poseidon. Poseidon uses his powers to steer Odysseus and his ship in many directions, leading him and his men to arrive at many different islands. It is the many strange and often dangerous mythical creatures and sorcerers that inhabit these islands, that makes this an exciting adventure!

So, why is Odysseus so special? Well, he's the brain behind the Archaens winning the Trojan War. You may remember hearing about The Trojan War, or the Trojan Horse. It was a war that took place for 10 years over a beautiful woman named Helen. To win the war and defeat the Trojans, Odysseus constructed a plan to leave a large wooden horse outside the Trojan gates as a 'gift', all the while hiding thousands of soldiers within its hollow shell. Once the Trojans pulled the horse inside their gates, the Archaens attacked and claimed the city of Troy as their own and Odysseus is remembered as the victorious Greek hero!

We are truly passionate about educating students about different styles of performance and when it comes to the origins of theatre, it actually all began in a Greek Theatron. In fact, we love it when a few of the students can make connections with historical facts and projects they are learning in school. In this case, students have already made connections to The Odyssey with scenes from the movie Peabody and Sherman and have associated the Gods with novels like Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods.

We are super excited about introducing the text next week and giving the students an opportunity to audition for parts! It's not about getting it right, but giving it a go! Applying the skills and having fun!

Parents, and friends we cannot wait to share more of the journey with you!