ALIVE and WELL: The Process of Reviving a Dead Art: Commedia Dell'arte (week 7)

And here we are for another installment of our weekly blog, welcome back 

This week we still have whole bunch of masks in development, which we will reveal very soon, lets say, next week… hopefully.

Hey don't give us that look, we are busy beavers over here, in the meantime we have actually started a Movember campaign to raise money for mens health awareness, research into prostate and testicular cancer and mental health initiatives. We have all witnessed men we care about ignore their health and wellbeing for seemingly no reason, other than not wanting to appear weak.

Or internalizing their problems due to a false sense of masculinity. 

So we have set a target to raise $1000 this Movember by getting a team together and growing out the fluffy hairs above our lips, or doing a Mo Move challenge, just a little daily exercise to support the cause. It's still early days so our moustache's look pitiful, but we have managed to raise $440

Check out our pics so far and stay up to date with the development of our facial hair, as well as our fundraising on Facebook and Instagram >>> Here and Here <<< respectively.

And support the cause at this happy little Movember link >>> Here <<<

Oh and one teeny tiny little thing to inform you about... We finally go into the rehearsal space next week!!! BOOM! thats huge, that's amazing, that's terrifying.

Make sure you come back next week to hear all about it, and see some pics of the masks and performers in action. Thank you and goodnight.

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