Performance Nerves? Jack and Eila shed some light on overcoming nerves and just being yourself!

It is Term 4 Week 7 already and it's almost Christmas! Where has this year gone?! Right now The Drama Club Hamilton Hill and Mosman Park are emerged in rehearsals for the end of year production and we thought we'd have a quick interview with brother and sister team, Jack (12) and Eila (10) Blom of Coogee.

These two drama enthusiasts are all too familiar with preparing for a performance. The talented duo have been attending The Drama Club Hamilton Hill since it started in 2013 and are happy to shed some light on things drama related and how being part of the club has inspired and changed their lives so far!

So, tell me Jack, what was it like when you first started drama classes? It was over 4 years ago but I still remember being nervous.  I didn’t know anyone or anything about drama.  I soon realised I did not need to worry and to just be yourself.

What were/are the main things you love the most about drama? It’s great to express yourself and to have a ‘world’ where no one cares about who you are outside of drama; you can just be your character.

Was there a really special moment when you just knew that you really wanted to pursue drama and make it a significant part of your life? When I did my first big play I knew acting was for me!  Not just acting but backstage, directing, everything!

Has coming to drama helped with any other challenges in your personal life? Drama has helped me with public speaking and in my general life.  Just talking and making friends was hard for me but now drama is in my life I can pretend life’s just a play!

What did it feel like to be accepted into John Curtin college of The Arts? I’m really excited to have made it into the Drama program at JCCA. It was hard going up against hundreds of kids at auditions but I got in and now I get to study drama for years to come.

What is some advice that you would give to other kids preparing for the end of year production or any type of rehearsal? LEARN YOUR LINES!!! That’s number one and also stay calm and get to know your character really well.  Express yourself as much as you can and mostly, have fun and enjoy the moment.

Hello Eila!

What is it like having your older brother in the same Drama Club? Do you enjoy it? Is it cool because you both have something in common? I think it’s really cool having my brother do drama with me, because when we do productions together it makes me feel less nervous.  It’s also good to know we have something in common.

What have you loved most about being a part of The Drama Club? The thing I love most about Drama Club is standing on the stage to perform.

What was one of your first memories of performing in front of an audience? And, why did you enjoy it so much? One of my first memories is performing the ‘Grass Hopper’scene – I forgot my lines!  I loved that it taught me to learn my lines off by heart!!

How has being part of the Drama Club inspired your passion for acting and performing? The Drama Club is the reason I want to be an actress and everything I learn at Drama Club inspires me.

How has The Drama Club helped you in your personal life?  It has helped me with my nerves, especially when I perform in front of heaps of people, like at school, I find it easier now.

What advice would you give to kids thinking about trying drama classes? Are they what people think they are? You should definitely try The Drama Club, it’s a great way to meet other kids and learn new skills.  You’ll have heaps of fun!

We want to thank Jack and Eila for taking the time to reflect on their journey so far, and watching them develop socially and emotionally has been incredibly rewarding. We are so excited for Jack to thrive in John Curtin College of the Arts and for Eila to continue to extend her love for Drama and performance.

We are absolutely blown away by a lot of the talent and confidence that we observe throughout the year and even though the rehearsals can be a little daunting and high intensity, we hope that each individual child takes something away from their experiences to help them grow and blossom and learn.

Take a look below at some of the kids in action during rehearsals! 

Photo Credit: Allison Read Photography