ALIVE and WELL: The Process of Reviving a Dead Art: Commedia Dell'arte (week 6)

Welcome back!

We have been so busy here at IntotheMask Theatre this week, we've had workshops at some of our favourite school, we’ve started some mask design projects and we've had a lot going on in the Administration department. Unfortunately we have to keep most of these developments secret until things are confirmed… sorry.


If we can be completely honest we were so busy designing masks that we've missed our weekly blog deadline by about 60 minutes. So here are a few pics from our day playing with clay. Enjoy!

Yep, a very brief blog today. Just to make you feel special these pictures are for this blog only. you won't see them on Facebook or Instagram.

So I guess you will have to share this blog if you think someone you know might like them.

Thank you for checking us out for another week. See you same time, same place in another 7 days.