Who runs the Drama Club?

Alethea Dreyer is the director of Into the Mask Theatre’s The Drama Club Perth. She has operated the club for 7 years. Creating inspiring lessons each week are her incredible team of trained tutors who tailor their activities to cater for individual needs. We have Kate Lloyd, Lauren Beeton and Hermione Gehle and you can find out more by clicking (or Meet our Team here)

What is the Drama Club's philosophy and values?

Our Mission is to “Provide an opportunity for young people to experience more meaningful play”

We value “learning and development through Drama Processes”

  • We draw on learning through imaginative role-play and gamesstorytelling, exploring a character through movement, voice and improvisation.

  • We value the Growth Mindset and development of fundamental human skills and building confidence through team work and theatre processes.

We value “process over product'“

  • We firmly believe in drama/theatre skills practices and processes aiding student learning, not promoting stardom or achievement of a a perfect final product.

  • We identify strengths and acknowledge personal and interpersonal development within each individual and see the growth and journey more important than anything else.

What does Drama involve?

The perception of Drama classes have evolved over the years and we truly believe there is more to just producing “actors” or promoting “stardom”. We design our programs to encourage creativity, imagination and team work as well as fundamental communication skills. We have the needs of each individual child at the forefront and encourage a “team based” philosophy throughout each lesson.

We use techniques, skills, processes and teach the elements of drama through a range of fun games and activities with a chance for children to perform in front of one another at the end of each session.

Drama activities will draw on communication through body language, oral language build on problem solving skills, as well as igniting the imagination and building resilience and empathy.

Please note, our program at The Drama Club underpins and supports the K-10 Curriculum for Drama (Year 5, Year 6, year 7)

Example: Year 5 Syllabus

[In Year 5, students begin to refine and experiment with the elements of drama to communicate improvised, devised and scripted drama.

Students continue to use the elements of drama and selected drama forms and styles to communicate meaning, including the use of voice, movement, role, situation, space, character, time and relationships. They are introduced to mood and explore drama narratives and ideas to create dramatic action. Students begin to explore creating drama based on scripts.

Students experience the roles of performers and audience members. They work together, giving and receiving feedback, to improve drama to engage an intended audience.

As they make and respond to drama, students explore the purpose of drama and how the elements of drama are used to communicate meaning. They have the opportunity to experience drama from a range of cultures, times and locations.]

You can find out more on the SCSA website.

Can my Child Trial the classes first?

Yes! We offer Trials to see if your children LOVE it before signing up! Please read our Terms and Conditions to find out more!

Are you able to support the struggles or blocks that my child could be facing socially, or internally?

We love nothing more than to understand the circumstances of each child and communicate openly with our parents about what their specific needs and aspirations are. Our tutors and Director of DC work closely with parents to discuss appropriate strategies that would create an enjoyable and purposeful journey for the child. We create a safe and supportive environment and explore their self expression with confidence and creativity. We provide support and follow their journey closely, keeping the parents informed every step of the way.

Is it a great way to meet friends?

We truly believe in connection and really encourage our students to interact with all their class peers so that they get to know one another. It is an amazing way for beautiful friendships to be formed, especially when there are so many like-minded creatives in the same class! We have witnessed students who have been in the same class for 3 or more years and have formed incredible bonds and become lifelong friends.

Are you connected with casting agencies?

We are not connected to any casting agencies for film or stage, however there are some great companies that we can recommend. Please give us a call or send an email.

How much do the classes cost?

We require Term Payment upfront. Usually 10 week Terms according to the WA School Term. Please read our T’s&C’s for more information

*Current 2019 fees.

Hatchlings: Ages 6-8years $16 per session/ $160 + gst per Term

Fledglings: Ages 9-12 $20 per session/ $200 + gst per Term

Advanced Performance Melville $240 + gst per term

Advanced Performance Beaky: $290 + gst per term

Can I book on your website?

Yes, you can certainly go to the Main navigation and click on Online Registration to find the class suitable for your child.

Do you do payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans. Please inform us when you first enrol your child with us. Or simply give us a call.

Are there any opportunities for funding so that my child can attend?

We are currently working on a 2020 program to offer places for a scholarship. Please stay tuned or sign up to our mailing list.

How many students are in the classes?

There are 14 in our 6-8year olds classes and up to 20 students in our other classes.

Do I have to pay for costumes?

We value empowering our children and giving them the opportunity to create their own costumes for our end of year productions. They have the ability to study and learn about characterisation, so it seems fitting for the child to take ownership of how they see them dressed. We encourage the parents to get involved and create together as part of a shared creative experience, that is low budget and resourceful.

Can I stay and watch my child’s classes?

Of course! We really encourage parents to stay and watch how their child or children interact with others, it can be a wonderful opportunity to be that fly on the wall and see just how much they are thriving and expressing themselves creatively!

Do you do kids parties?

We unfortunately do not do kids parties.

Do you provide classes for home schooled children?

We currently do not have this option as we believe that children in our community are all welcome to join the classes we already have on offer.

How long does my child need to attend before I see the benefits of Drama?

We typically think that A FULL YEAR will enable our students to fully gain the benefits of our classes, and experience the full understanding of applying skills and presenting them to an audience. Making connections with others has a huge impact, and staying more than a term will assist in building confidence and aid social skills and all types of communication.

What does your program involve? (please visit our program page here)

What do they wear and bring along to class?

The students wear “All clack theatre” clothing. We sell DC t-shirts and Hoodie jumpers as a uniform that is not compulsory currently. They also wear shoes to and from the venue, as well as bring along a drink bottle.

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Please take the time to read through our Terms and Conditions before joining.